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Italian Specialty Items In Stock

Listed on this page are Italian Specialty items that we carry at Esposito's Meats & Deli on a near regular basis. These items can be extremely rare and often not found in your typical Italian Deli. Just because an item might not be listed on this page doesn't mean we do not carry it! If there's a specialty meat or cheese that you're looking for and can't seem to find, do not hesitate to contact us!

We'd be glad to help you find what you're looking for!

Sopressato SalameSopressate Salame

Sopressate Salame is a coarsely ground salame with a hint of a natural smoke flavor. The name comes from pressing together both lean and fatty pork meat. Varying in size from six to twelve ounces, it is also available in hot. "Soppressata" is the perfect accompaniment to piquant cheeses and a glass of red wine.


Cacciatore SalameCacciatore Salame

Cacciatore Salame is a finely ground tasty salame. It is made in small links, approximately four ounces each, with four pieces per string.


Dry CappicolaDry Cappicola

Dry Capicola is made from selected and trimmed, imported whole pork shoulder butts. After being spiced and salt cured, each piece is hand-stuffed and air dried. Available in both sweet (lightly coated with black pepper) and hot (rubbed with crushed red and cayenne pepper). Dry Capicola is best when thinly sliced and served as an antipasto selection or layered into panini.


Dry Sausage SalameDry Sausage Salame

Dry Sausage Salame is medium ground salame. It features an almost winy, traditional dry sausage flavor and comes in eight ounce pieces. Dry Sausage is also available in hot. Dry Sausage can be thinly sliced and served or cubed and added to salads. It is delicious when used to garnish fresh pasta dishes.



Pancetta is made from specially cut lean pork bellies. Once the Pancetta is cured, it is coated in black pepper, hand-rolled and stuffed. Pancetta can be thinly sliced and eaten, or cubed for cooking. It's the perfect addition to enhance your favorite pasta dishes.



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