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Esposito's Meats & Deli
90 Ridgedale Ave.
East Hanover, NJ 07936

Phone: (973) 884-0151
Fax: (973) 884-0214


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Monday thru Friday
7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

8:00 AM - 3:00 PM



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Family owned and operated

Providing quality meats and Italian specialties since 1958...

Esposito's Meats & Deli is family owned and operated, located in beautiful East Hanover, New Jersey. We provide authentic imported Italian specialties. In May of 2009, we were voted Best Butcher Shop in the State of New Jersey NJ Monthly Magazine.

At Esposito's, we also offer breakfast, lunch, and a full catering menu to satisfy your every need. For a full look at all of our menus, visit the Menu Section of our website. To learn more about the heritage of Esposito's, take a look at our History.

NJ Monthly Magazine: Best Butcher

On March 17, 2009, the highly respected New Jersey Monthly Magazine published an article titled the "Best of NJ: Food and Drink." The purpose of the article was to offer a round-up of the best places in New Jersey to find ice cream, coffee, cocktails, crumb cake, cupcakes, etc.

Esposito's Meats & Deli is proud to announce that we were named the 'Best Butcher' in 2009! We thank you for your continuous support in helping us live up to our title. You can read the full article at the NJ Monthly Magazine website.

Delicious-looking slabs of meat surround you the moment you enter Esposito’s Meats and Deli in East Hanover. Cuts of beef, smoked hams, and sausage links hang everywhere, and when you order, the (exceedingly friendly and incredibly quick) butcher freshly trims your cut. You can pick up superb sandwiches, mozzarella, fresh bread, and other deli items, too (90 Ridgedale Ave, 973-884-0151). - NJ Monthly Magazine


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